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Work Related Injuries Treatment

Work Related Injuries Treatment (WCB)

Radiant Physiotherapy Clinic offers the perfect balance of advanced treatment techniques and functional, work-specific training to help you return to work while decreasing the chances of re-injury. Our physiotherapists will give you priority appointments before, during, and after work, and they will collaborate with WCB adjusters to help you return to work as smoothly as possible. When your doctor refers you to physical therapy, you can select where you go for treatment. Why not choose usto help you?

Therapy for Work-Related Injuries

We offer comprehensive therapy for work-related injuries to patients. Our goal is to help you return to your full abilities both for the job and at home.

Personalized physical therapy starts with a thorough assessment of functional limitations and pain sources. Our physiotherapists will then create a treatment plan based on the needs and goals of the workplace.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy Following a Work Injury

An active treatment plan is the best way to get yourself healed after you suffer from a work-related injury. And physical therapy is an important part of that plan. Here are a few benefits of physical therapy:

  • It restores movement and function
  • Relieves pain in the body
  • It can also promote better long-term health
  • It helps to reduce the duration of the injury
  • It can correct imbalances
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