At Radiant our physiotherapists treat a variety of injuries as a result of Motor vehicle accident. Car accident injuries commonly include whiplash injuries to the spine including neck and/or back. Also injuries to the shoulder, knee, hip and sacroiliac Joint/ SI joint.  Fortunately, most auto accident injuries are soft tissue injuries only a small percentage will have severe injuries such as fractures, concussion or tears.

Things to remember if you are involved in a care accident?

  • Inform your insurance.

  • Get treatment as soon as you can- research shows the faster the treatment starts the better the prognosis

  • You have a choice to get treated anywhere you choose not just the clinic the insurance are affiliated with or recommends. 

  • We can direct bill the car insurance company.

  • We will help you with filing in the applicable paper work.

  • you are entitles to treatments (100% coverage inside protocol) with no out of pocket expenses up to a limit.

  • you do not need a referral from your physician to start treatment.

  • seek treatment as soon as possible.

  • If the accident was not your fault, the other party's auto insurance should cover your health care expenses at our office. We will help with all the paper work.

  • If you are at fault you should still get treated, Your personal injury claim is usually separate from your car loss claim and this is why you have insurance in the first place. Many companies will not raise your rates after 1 or even 2 accidents. Injuries from car accidents left untreated can lead to many issues for years to come. 

  • If you are uncertain about the process, reach out to us our skilled physiotherapists would be happy to help guide you.



You owe it to yourself to come in and get treated!​

You have the right to choose a clinic for your treatments!!

Call us today we can help you recover sooner!

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