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What To Expect

What to Expect Your First Time at Radiant Physiotherapy in NW Calgary, AB

First, if you have already completed your paperwork online, please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time. 

You will need extra time if you have not yet completed your paperwork. So, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time. 

Make sure you have eaten and are well hydrated.

If you are taking vertigo medications, don’t take them for 24 hours before your initial assessment appointment with your physiotherapist because the medication masks your symptoms. It is critical your physiotherapist can assess the severity of your vertigo without the medication.

Wear loose-fitting clothes that give your physiotherapist access to your affected area. For example, if you have a sore knee, you may want to wear shorts. If your shoulder is sore, a tank top may be best. Your physiotherapist will always respect your privacy.  

Bring a list of any medications and a copy of any imaging (like x-rays) if you have them.

Once your appointment begins, your physiotherapist will ask you questions about what happened, what hurts, how you feel, and about your medical history. Many people say they feel “heard” for the first time after talking to their physiotherapist during an initial session.

Then, your physiotherapist will complete a thorough assessment of your condition. They observe how you move, use hands-on techniques, and may even use some specialized tools. They will check your mobility, flexibility, and strength.

Your assessment will take between 30 and 60 minutes. There is no charge for the extra time. Your physiotherapist will take all the time necessary to gather all the information they need.

Once the assessment is completed, your physiotherapist works out a tailored treatment plan with you.

Your initial assessment appointment also includes your first treatment.

They will educate you about your condition and provide you with your plan of care that includes the problems and goals. They will also outline the types of physiotherapy treatments you will receive and tell you how many sessions the plan covers.

You will be able to ask questions.

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