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5 Basic Core Stability Exercises to Help You Build Strength

Core strength is critical to everyday activities, such as pulling a grocery cart or putting on your shoes. It also has an impact on your equilibrium, posture, and stability. Having a strong core is important for the overall development of your body and strong endurance.

Contrary to popular belief, your core does not only consist of your abdominal muscles. Muscles in our back and those surrounding the pelvis are also included in core muscles.

Read on to find out more about core stability exercises and their benefits.

Why You Should Strengthen Your Core Muscles

A strong core is crucial for everyday health and well-being. Here are reasons why you should improve your core:

Strengthening your core improves your balance and stability

Core stability exercises train your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen muscles to operate together. This improves balance and stability in everyday tasks as well as on the sports field. Most sports and other physical activities rely on strong core muscles.

Core exercises can tone your abdominal muscles

Do you want your abdominal muscles to be more defined? Exercises that strengthen the core are essential for this. Although aerobic activity is required to burn belly fat, core exercises can strengthen and tone the muscles beneath the skin.

Most physical activities are easier to do with strong core muscles

Many actions, like swinging a golf stick, getting a drink from the top shelf, and bending down to tie your shoes, are made easier with strong core muscles. Athletes need strong core muscles since weak core muscles can cause fatigue, decreased endurance, and injuries.

There are different types of core stability exercises or physiotherapy. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Basic Core Stability Exercises

Basic core stability exercises include:

BOSU Bird Dog

The bird dog is a great core-strengthening activity since it works for your stomach and back muscles. It also improves your coordination, balance, and stability.

Supine Toe Tap

This is a fundamental Pilates move. It works on your glutes, hips, and legs while engaging your core muscles. Toe taps put the least amount of strain on your spine and are a good alternative to crunches if you have back problems.


This position engages your glutes to lift your hips and trains your buttocks while strengthening your core. It also improves your lumbopelvic stability.


Plank is a core-targeting full-body workout. It gives you a better posture and flexibility. Your arms, shoulders, back, glutes, and legs are all strengthened with this.


Crunches are a tried-and-true core-strengthening exercise. Your abdominal muscles strengthen up when you lift your upper body.

How much core exercise do women need?

Thirty minutes of core exercise every day is generally enough for women, but if you want to lose weight and achieve fitness goals, you might need to do it for 60 to 90 minutes. You should avoid advanced level exercises during pregnancy and take your time according to your comfort while exercising. To learn more about core stability exercises or for any other questions related to physiotherapy, you can contact Radiant Physiotherapy at info@radiantphysiotherapy.ca. To schedule an appointment, visit our official website or call us at (403) 457-9090.