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Hоw tо Mаkе thе Mоѕt оf а Phуѕіоthеrару Aѕѕеѕѕmеnt?

Come prepared; What to bring to the appointment:

1-Your health care card/number

2-If you had any X-rays, Ultrasound results or imaging of any kind please bring it with you, if you don't have it no worries. In most cases there is no need for imaging in the first place.

3-A pair of shorts and/or tank top for easy access to the affected area

4-A list of medication you are currently taking if any

5-Your extended health insurance card for direct billing

At Radiant Physiotherapy you will be given a Plan Of Care (POC) after the assessment and given home exercises as well as specific instructions for home care like what activities to avoid and what to do if aggrevated.

Patients who comply with the treatment plan and do the home exercises have better success and recovery rate overall.

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