Shockwave Therapy in Calgary, AB 

Shockwave is a powerful sound wave that delivers high energy to painful spots and musculoskeletal tissues in people with subacute, subchronic, and chronic conditions. The energy enhances the regeneration and repair of bones, tendons, and other soft tissues.

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses sound waves that interact with the body’s tissues, breaking down scar tissue and calcium deposits, thus promoting the body’s natural healing process, forming new blood vessels, and improving blood flow to the area. 


Shockwave therapy is used to treat persistent injury or pain resulting from illness. The purpose of the therapy is to trigger the body’s natural healing response. Many people report reduced pain and improved mobility after their first treatment.

Shockwave Can Effectively Treat the Following 

Due to its accelerated healing ability, shockwave therapy is becoming extremely popular. It is a fast and effective way to heal calcific deposits on tendons, like shoulder and rotator cuff tendons, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis, as well as Achilles tendonitis. It is also proven to treat chronic conditions such as muscular back pain effectively. 

Shockwave Endopuls 811

Shockwave has been shown to treat the following conditions effectively:

  1. Back pain (acute muscular pain & chronic)

  2. Neck pain

  3. Heel pain (Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, & heel spurs)

  4. Elbow pain (tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow)

  5. Shoulder pain (frozen shoulder, bursitis, calcific tendonitis)

  6. Upper leg- ITB friction syndrome

  7. Knee pain (patellar tendonitis/jumper’s knee, bursitis, Osgood-Schlatter)

  8. Hip pain (bursitis)

  9. Strains and sprains (ex. Hamstring injuries)

  10. Shin splints

  11. Muscle aches and myofascial pain/trigger points 

Benefits of shockwave therapy treatment:

Here are some of the benefits of shockwave therapy treatment:

  • Has an excellent cost/effectiveness ratio

  • Non-invasive solution for chronic pain in your shoulder, back, heel, knee, or elbow

  • No anesthesia or drugs required

  • Limited side effects

Applying Shockwave

Shockwave is used in orthopedics, rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

As the shockwaves stimulate an inflammatory response, you may experience temporary soreness, tenderness, or swelling for a few days after the treatment. But this is due to the body’s natural healing. So, it is critical not to take any anti-inflammatory medication following treatment, as this may slow down the results. At Radiant Physiotherapy, we will provide you with a care plan that includes proper after-treatment instructions on caring for your specific injury/condition. 

Upon completing your treatment, you can immediately return to most regular activities.

Who is Not a Candidate for Shockwave Therapy?

Here are a few conditions in which shockwave therapy should not be used if:

  • A patient with a nerve disorder, infection, bone tumor, metabolic bone condition, etc.

  • There are any open wounds or tumors or during pregnancy. 

  • People using blood-thinning medications.

  • Those with severe circulatory disorders may not be eligible for treatment. 


If you have any questions, please contact our office.


How Much Does a Shockwave Session Cost?

Our clinic takes pride in offering the highest quality care at some of the most affordable prices. We charge only $80 for a Shockwave treatment, which is one of the most reasonable rates in Northwest Calgary.


What to Expect During a Session?

The physiotherapist will evaluate you to confirm that you are appropriate for shockwave therapy at your first visit. The physio will make sure you understand your condition and what you can do to help it - activity modification, specific exercises, assessing any other contributing issues like posture, tightness/weakness of other muscle groups, etc.


How Much Time does Shockwave take?

Depending on the results, Shockwave treatment is usually done once a week for 3-6 weeks. The treatment can cause mild discomfort, but it only lasts 4-5 minutes, and the intensity can be adjusted to keep it comfortable. 


Precautions to Take After the Shockwave 

We ask you not to take any anti-inflammatory medications or use any ice or heat following the treatments with shockwave. This slows down the body’s self-healing response after treatment. Your physiotherapist at Radiant physiotherapy will instruct you following your treatment.

Is Shockwave Safe?

Research shows that shockwave therapy is very safe. Some patients may experience minor discomfort for a day or two after the treatment, but most of our patients feel better right away.

Why Choose Us for Your Shockwave Therapy?

At Radiant Physiotherapy, we believe that you deserve the best modality possible. We believe in providing the highest quality of care to our patients, which is why we chose an Enraf Endoplus 811 brand shockwave therapy machine.

Enraf pioneered the field of shockwave medicine, and as their technology evolved, this machine incorporated new technology and did not require the use of a compressor. While there are many good machines available, none match the quality of an Enraf Endoplus unit. This is why, at Radiant Physiotherapy, we chose this brand of shockwave over competitor models. It is widely used in many types of research and is highly effective.

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