Shockwave Therapy in Calgary, AB

Get Rid of Persistent Injury or Pain with Shockwave Therapy 


Experiencing strains and sprains or pain from injured soft tissue is not just uncomfortable but also impacts your ability to live your daily life. At Radiant Physiotherapy Clinic, we can help promote healing and improve your recovery with shockwave treatment

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What Is Shockwave Therapy and What Happens During the Treatment?

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment delivering sound waves to improve mobility and reduce pain and discomfort. During the treatment, a specialized shockwave machine (At Radiant Physiotherapy, we use the high-quality Enraf Endoplus 811 brand machine) delivers the mechanical, low-energy acoustic (sound) waves to the injured area. 


These shockwaves desensitize nerve endings to reduce pain and cause controlled micro-trauma (microscopic damage) to the tissues to increase blood circulation and metabolism. This accelerates the body’s natural healing process, minimizing the discomfort. The sound waves can also break down scar tissue and calcifications (hardening of tissue due to insoluble calcium deposits). 

Conditions We Treat with Shockwave Therapy Calgary

  • Neck pain

  • Acute muscular and chronic back pain

  • Pain from golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow

  • Muscle aches and myofascial pain/trigger points

  • Hip pain (bursitis)

  • Shin splints 

  • Heel pain resulting from spurs, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis 

  • Upper leg-ITB friction syndrome 

  • Shoulder pain from bursitis, calcific tendonitis, and frozen shoulder

  • Strains and sprains (hamstring injuries)

  • Knee pain from bursitis, Osgood-Schlatter, and jumper’s knee/patellar tendonitis

Shockwave Therapy Calgary Benefits 

  • Cost-effective 

  • Result-oriented 

  • Increased range of motion and muscular strength

  • Improved coordination and joint mobility 

  • Decreased stiffness, scar tissue, and chronic pain 

  • Limited side effects 

  • No anesthesia required 

We Are Experienced Shockwave Therapy Physiotherapists in Calgary

Our physiotherapists will assess your condition to determine if shockwave is right for you. We will also help you make informed decisions and recommend lifestyle tips (specific exercises, activity modification, etc.) to help prevent further injury. 

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